Month 6-Contract extended, more money, less vacations


Six months ago I was in Europe when I launched, I wanted to share my stories while working in cruise ships and traveling. Now is already 6 months of that day and I am happy with almost 4,000 followers in Facebook and constant readers every month. This is for you, who takes the time to read and be part of this blog.


So what happened this last month? The itinerary for the World Cup in Brazil was almost finalized, with my contract extension I decided to take a break from ships and I came back the same Caribbean islands every week again.


Beach hoping in the Caribbean is fun but doing it every week can get a little repetitive. I love to get off the ship and have some fresh air. This time I went to the beach in Nassau, Bahamas and St. Maarten. It is nice to take a break from the office work and get some sun and swim in their turquoise waters.

St. Maarten in the Caribbean

St. Maarten in the Caribbean

Last month I extended my contract for another 6 weeks. This would give me an extra income of around $5,000, which will helped me to travel more months in Asia, however I also had to pay for my flight changes. Originally I was staying two months in Brazil but now it will be only one. Good news for the change of flights? I will have overnights in two beautiful cities in Europe: Rome and Madrid. I have been in both. Rome, I have visited many times when I was working on Norwegian Jade, which had itineraries in the Mediterranean. Madrid, it has been a long time, it was in 2005 when I received a scholarship to study there for six months. Those were great six months and once university finished, I went on a two months trip around Europe by train. This was overall one of the experiences that marked my life and woke up my adventurous spirit.


After my stop in Europe, I will be traveling to Brazil with Iberia. Ok, not my favorite airline but they got the best price from Italy to Brazil. I will be landing in Rio de Janeiro and move that night into Sao Paulo. I will meet with a good friend from Mexico over there. The opening game will be two days later so I expect a great atmosphere in the city for the big event. Unfortunately I was not lucky to obtains tickets for this game, but I have for another 5 games, so it kinds of compensate.


Brazil 2014, the event of the eyar

Brazil 2014, the event of the eyar

After Sao Paulo, I will take my backpack and travel around Brazil watching some of the games. I miss my backpacking adventures, so I am pretty excited and will be my first time in South America. Brasilia, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador are among the cities I will visit to watch games. I got tickets for the games Brazil-Mexico (impossible mission?), Mexico-Croatia, Switzerland-France. I also got one ticket for the round of 16 and a guarantee ticket if Mexico advances to the next round. I am a super fan of soccer, and I am pretty excited to be part of the most important sport event of the year. It has been my dream since I was a kid and now is finally coming true. Of course I will be writing more about my Brazilian Journey and posting pictures in our Facebook page as well.

Passion for soccer

Passion for soccer

Other big news in the last month was my assignment for my next contract. I am supposed to go back to Norwegian Sun in the port of Whittier, Alaska. I have been offered to be in Alaska, then travel south to LA, and cross the Panama Canal to reposition to Tampa and from there go into 7 days cruise to the Western Caribbean. Sounds exciting? Well, yes and no. I like the itinerary but I have been thinking in the last weeks and I believe is time to take a break from ships and focus in my style as a digital nomad. Instead of going to Alaska to join the ship, my plans for now are either to stay in Europe for summer (the best season in my opinion) or travel straight to Thailand, which will become my headquarters to write my book and travel around Asia.


At the end, I extended my contract working in the ship but I lost some of my vacations plans. I think life should be in your hands, under your control, so I have almost decided to take a long break from ships, maybe 6 months or a year. This will help to focus more on my blog (I can barely find time these days), and also answer the questions I received constantly about jobs in cruise ships.


What are your summer plans? What sports do you like to watch on TV or in the stadium? From now, see you soon in the next post.



  • Taking a break from ship life will be so good and healing for your soul. I know we will stay in touch, and I am so excited you have this amazing opportunity. You worked HARD for it and you deserve it! Stay well my dear friend, and be happy! As the saying goes… you only live once! Wish I could join you in your travels… but I’ll be there in spirit and I’ll be following your journey here and on FB, anxiously awaiting your updates and pictures! :)

  • Hi Julie, of course, more adventures to come, new countries, new places and more updates :)

  • Excellent news David!… how I wish to be in one of those Mexico games for the WorldCup… Your idea on having a break from ships to focus more on your blog and writing a book sounds brilliant, I have had that in mind as well and I agree that you just need to quit whatever your doing to focus on writing a book i.e. otherwise it might take a looong time.

    Most likely Ill be in Mexico by summer, so yeah lets keep in touch and let us know when your gonna be around Mexico… or you could just come to visit anytime in Beijing , before getting to your headquarters :)

  • It is true Tonio, if you have more time you can focus on the important things instead of the urgent ones. Not sure when I will head to Mexico but Beijing sounds a good plan, specially being in Thailand which makes the trip a short one. Thanks!

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