My cruise line needs 3,200 new crew members

New ships coming

New ships are being built. Only my company has 2 ordered for the next years, which means they will hire more than 3,000 new crew. What is to be new hire? Is it easy to work onboard? Which itineraries I have been to? Was it easy for me when I was new? I will talk about it in this post.


The cruise industry is growing, many new ships are in order and being build at the moment. My company ordered two new ships, Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Bliss, which will come in 2015 and 2016. Each ship needs at least 1,600 crew, so the opportunity will be out there to get new employees from any place around the world. All positions and all departments available.



Walking in the open deck

I remember the time I applied to work in ships. I was still living in Mexico City and I was tired of the traffic jams, the pollution, the insecurity and my boring office job. I wanted to get a job that could allow me to travel, and to travel a lot. In my mind came the idea to work as a flight attendant, but I wish could be in an international company and not a local airline with mostly flights in my country. After days searching in the Internet I found a blog like this about working in ships. I started reading and I became so interested that I could not stop looking for information about working in ships. Days later, I setup a goal. I had to get a job in a cruise ship.


When I applied, I was worried I would not make it due to my lack of experience in the tourism sector. I never worked in a hotel back at home, I only worked in corporate jobs. However, I decided to try my luck. I applied to three cruise lines: Costa, Princess and Norwegian. I really wanted to be in Princess because of the itineraries and the company profile, however Norwegian was the one who accepted me. I had one interview with the agency, then one written application and finally a webcam interview. This was almost a failure because the Internet in my house went down and I could hear but I could not see the webcam. I almost died at the moment, but I asked for five minutes chance, and I ran to an Internet Café, where the one hour interview via webcam happened. But, no, it was not my best interview. English is not my native language and I felt I made many mistakes. I was quite disappointed but I thought it was a good experience and I would learn for the next cruise line to apply.

Sometimes is very busy

Sometimes is very busy

The next week I received a phone call with the best news I had in years. I was hired! Norwegian Cruise line accepted me in the entry position Assistant Financial Accountant. I was so excited I would travel the world, earn in dollars, live in the ship with zero expenses. It was just perfect. After that I had to go trough all the papers, translations, crew visa to enter the United Stated, medical examination. It was a long process, and after that phone call it took another two months to be in the ship.


My first time I was so lost and impressed. I could not find my way in the ship. It was so hard to distinguish between forward (front of the ship) and aft (back of the ship). Multiple times I walked to the wrong side. I had to share my cabin with another crew from finance. I had lot of training the first weeks. Overall, the start was pretty tough, but eventually days become more quiet. I got practice in my job, trainings became more sporadic. I was able to go out and explore the European ports in Spain, Greece, Italy. So after a few months I liked this ship life.


Pizza in Naples, Italy


Halloween crew party










When I started in 2009, I set a goal of five years to work in ships and buy to houses from my savings on this job. This year is the fifth year and I already bought my first house in Cancun. I have been promoted a couple of times, and my salary which initially was $1800 monthly has almost doubled. I have visited the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Alaska. During my vacations I travelled to remote places which I only dreamed about when I was a kid. China, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia are amazing countries I had the chance to see. I have been in most of the countries in Europe already. At this point, I feel I have achieved my goal in the cruise ships and I have to move into something new, more challenging in my job. The new inspiration is to become a digital nomad. Travel more and work remotely.


Working in ships is such a great experience and as I mentioned before there are thousands of opening positions in the near future, as the industry keeps growing. The only thing you need is courage and some experience. Don’t give up is your dream is to work in a ship. I know many people that have work for many years in the ships and they are happy with that lifestyle. It is a great opportunity to travel the world and get paid for it.

Crew members during their break

Crew members during their break

Would you like to work in a cruise ship? Do you have any questions about it? Feel free to ask below and I will reply every single question.


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