The day I resigned to my job in cruise ships


I have made the most difficult decision from the last years. After 5 years working in the seas, I have resigned to my current job as Payroll Accountant in order to look for new goals and new challenges such as becoming a digital nomad and improving


During the last month I have been thinking about it. It has been great 5 years, I have visited so many countries and amazing places like Bali, New York, Berlin. I saved good money, I bought and paid my house, I got promoted twice but now is the moment to stop, think and renovate my goals and plans.


Rice fields in Bali

Rice fields in Bali

The immediate plan after visiting Brazil for the World Cup will be to move temporary to Bangkok, Thailand. This is a good base for digital nomads to start and I have been there a few times, so I consider is the best place to focus on my website and to prepare the eBook about working in cruise ships. There are so many stories I want to tell but currently due to the workload I don’t have the time to write them and share them in the site. It is a big ship with more than 1,600 crew, so is not easy to finish all the duties and have that extra time for projects. Once I leave the ship for a few months, I can dedicate all my time to and also my book.


Of course this decision is not an absolute one, from now on plans are more flexible. In my mind is the idea to come back to work in the cruise industry again. I want to go into one of those ships with itineraries in the Baltics, Mediterranean or Greek Islands. If there is an opening there, I will be very tempted to come back to work in ships. As well, the new ship, Norwegian Escape coming in 2015 is something I want to do as well, so I have put it in my wish list. As you see, I will not get completely disconnected from ship life. This is just some months of separation. The traveling will continue, and it will be more around Asia for this year.

Asia 715

Thailand, the land of smiles

I am pretty excited for what is coming in the next weeks. There will be the last two cruises after a long seven and a half month contract. The day I disembark in Miami I fly to Europe and I will stay one night in Rome and one in Madrid. After that I will cross the Atlantic again and get into Rio de Janeiro to start one month travelling only with my backpack to share with you all the excitement of the 2014 Soccer World Cup. I got some tickets so it will be also a lot of fun watching the games with the thousands of fans that will gather in Brazil. After the World Cup coverage, I will fly back to Europe. Paris will be my next stop, while this was not in the original plans, a flight offer made the detour affordable, so I will be 4 days in the most beautiful city in the world. Who agrees with me? After exploring the French capital, one more flight will take me into Bangkok, Thailand where I will arrive the same day as the Full Moon Party. If I am lucky I should be able to go into the islands and party a bit before settling down in the capital and concentrate in my projects.


Sometimes is necessary to make difficult decisions in life. But I think is worth the effort to try something new, different, out of the ordinary? What do you think?



  • Suzanne Jacobs

    I wish you all the best always my friend. Please keep in touch via e mail and blog

  • Thanks Suzanne! And of course Jump and Travel will have more updates once I go on vacations. The best for you all the way to New York!

    • David, I am NOT surprised by this announcement. I understand your desire to do something different for awhile and that currently you have very little time for yourself. What ever the future holds for you, I wish all the best. I thank you for being so kind to me on The Getaway and helping me a a project. I know that I made the right decisions.

      Best wishes, young man. Please stay in touch.


  • Very excited for you! 😀

  • Best of luck to you and am so looking forward to your blogs on your exciting travels. We so enjoy your stories. Thanks for entertaining us.

  • Happy for you. You have advanced up the ladder. Job security in todays world is hard to find. While we all have aspirations for doing better, give allot of thought about leaving a great job now, then coming back into the industry. If you really like it (the cruise industry) don’t leave it now. NCL is a growing company and will only get better and bigger as time passes. You have your contacts and feet planted in a good position. You’re young, continue to learn the industry. Continue your world travels and continue your quest to be that digital nomad, but don’t give up what you have worked so hard to acheive. Many times we think that the grass is greener on the other side, but find out it can be a tough world to live in. Whatever you decide to do, keep the travel blog alive. Competitin is ferous in this industry. Keep on your list, and the best to you whatever you decide to do.

    • Richard, I agree in some things with you, i know the industry is getting bigger, and there are a lot of opportunities and change to get promoted. We have 2 new big ships in order. But sometimes, we have to make this strange decitions, leave the secure income in order to explore new territories, new forms to generate money and to focus in the things we love to do. But, beleive me, I have to try it, maybe I will fail but at least I will try. You never know, sooner or later I will be sailing again. Thanks for your advice.

      • You are leaving on good terms. Which is the best way to do it. Go out, explore the world and have fun doing so! NCL will hire you back in a heart beat if need be and that is what you want. :) I am so glad you’ve worked hard and saved money and are able to do this. It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see and hear all about it! And hopefully, come and visit you in Thailand 😉

  • All the best to you! Fulfill your life dream while you are young! Enjoy every minute.

  • Follow your heart, David. Best wishes on your new journey in life. I will be looking forward to your postings in Jump & Travel describing your adventures.

  • Great Lonnie, more content coming soon. Thanks for following, this site is for you, my readers, the most important people for me!

  • I will be thinking about U as you travel the world and will miss dinners in the haven.
    you deserve to peruse your dreams and will look forward to e mails and Jump and Travel.
    god speed my friend!

    • Hi Ann, yeah, I will miss some of those dinners in Haven, but one day we will see again somewhere in the world. Happy Cruising and all the best!

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  • I hope you will have some amazing adventures

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